Lisa Danza Founder of Evolveatwork®


Lisa Danza has worked in the training and development space for over 25 years and has maintained an interest and ongoing involvement in personal and spiritual development, one that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. She is also a qualified Counsellor, Life Coach and Workplace Trainer with a Masters degree in Business Leadership. She has undertaken additional studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more recently Transformational Holistic Counselling. Lisa is also a certified member of the Australian  Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, a professional member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIMWA) and an active Alumni member of the Australian College of Applied Psychology.  Her professional journey has provided ongoing opportunities to work closely with a diverse range of service providers and workplaces, supporting many different people from various social, cultural and economic backgrounds and walks of life.

"It has been fascinating to find that most of us face similar types of challenges within ourselves, regardless of where we come from, the type of work that we do or our level of responsibility. Although there are many factors that make us different and unique, there is a lot that we share in common as human beings in terms of typical challenges in our personal and professional lives. As we grow and evolve, especially with more and more emphasis on professional and academic achievement, financial security, having to do more with less and juggle more with less time and energy, it has become a little crazy. Yet somehow, we need to keep living, experiencing, growing and hopefully evolving physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. From my personal experience in life and from working with others, I have found that most of us have not learned how to effectively nurture ourselves, so parts of us stay stuck in time and don't really grow and become integrated as part of our learning, as they should. They play out in all sorts of unhelpful ways, in our behaviours and triggers, then we judge them, try to push them away, numb out or find a distraction. But perhaps we just need to respond effectively (and of course seek help from a professional if needed) but in our day to day, be more capable of leading and managing our whole self. Especially so in a world such as this!

I believe that all challenges are a gift to help us grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves that we can be. We can make a start with a holistic approach to self-management and leadership. When the heart/spirit is brought into the equation and we know how to manage ourselves holistically (mind body and spirit) and compassionately, we become more capable of growing from life's challenges and making decisions moment to moment with more equanimity, kindness, and wisdom. It makes us better people to be with, work with and lead and contribute to the world that we live in so that it too can be lovingly nurtured and evolve." Lisa Danza

These principles are at the heart of Evolveatwork®