Womens Health & Family Services, WA

Womens Health & Family Services engaged Lisa Danza to deliver a workshop for our staff, The title being “Compassionate Self-Leadership” this was during a particularly challenging time of organisational change in 2018.

The therapeutic training session was offered as voluntary and it must have had strong appeal to our staff because it was very well attended on the day.  I believe we had 30 attendees.

Lisa set up the room-space and seating as one intimate semi-circle which gave us a very connected feel right from the start.  Her delivery was a mix of PowerPoint slides with beautiful images as she shared her passionate beliefs in the importance of self-care.  She had us moving between interacting with each other e.g. sharing values or personal stories if we wanted, strategic supportive activities e.g. mime actions/thought processes and mindful meditation

The grateful thanks offered to Lisa at the end and the positive energy of staff as they left the room was remarkable.  There were follow-up conversations on stairwells and in the staff room in the weeks that followed.

It was a very beneficial experience.

Ollie Biddiss

On behalf of Womens Health & Family Services, 2020



Lois, WA

I have received four coaching/mentoring sessions from Lisa Danza. Although I was somewhat anxious, Lisa quickly put me at ease.

Over the four sessions Lisa assisted me in clarifying my role within the Mental Health Program at HCSG. She assisted me in determining goals at each session. Having goals enabled me to think very clearly about how I perceived my role and where I wanted to focus.

At our third session Lisa some cards which provided questions for me to consider regarding what I had achieved since our previous session and what I wanted to work on. These were very useful as I was experiencing stress due to some workplace issues. I felt as if I was stuck and using the cards provided a useful framework that relieved the pressure and sense of being overwhelmed.

Lisa was professional at all times. Lisa was able to hear what I said and demonstrate through her communication skills that she understood what I was saying and feeling. Lisa provided constructive feedback and assisted me to develop action plans to deal with my workplace difficulties. She was very supportive throughout the process.

Overall, I found the experience to be positive and worthwhile. I would recommend Lisa to anyone seeking coaching/mentoring.

Lois RN, BA, 2011



Shirley, WA

I participated in personal development coaching sessions with Lisa Danza. The coaching focused on areas of my life that I was interested in transforming. During the sessions, Lisa was both disciplined and structured in her approach, and yet appropriately flexible to respond to me as an individual. She communicated easily and openly, listening and questioning me to open up opportunities. She is very warm and I felt at ease throughout the entire process.

The process empowered me to deal with issues in my life in a way that was completely different to what I have experienced in the past. Lisa provided the support, empathy, engagement and challenge, which I needed to make changes. Her positive outlook and encouragement were the key to me creating options and taking action.

I used the session to get in touch with what is really important to me. Areas that I worked on were, Living a passionate life and living true to me heart. Throughout the process I created practises to assist me in giving up the negative conversation in my head and be present to the now.

One practise that I have continued to use daily is taking time to be with myself and reflect on my day. This has made me relax, feel what is really important to me, be okay with what is happening and to be present to my love for people.

I would strongly recommend Lisa Danza as a personal development Coach.

Shirley, 2011



Patti, WA

I loved the sessions I had with Lisa and the flower essences. The essences supported me in what I needed to focus on, accept, or change. Lisa listens and hears and supports in another way that I found very helpful and kind. I love how she teams up with the flowers to coach and counsel.

Patti, 2021



Jeni, South Africa

Vote of Thanks

 Dear Lisa

 It is with a grateful heart that I type this email.

I have had time to reflect, work on and use the gifts you gave me during our online coaching sessions.

I would like to thank you for your time and gentle guidance during our sessions, and in spite of the internet connections that weren’t always favourable, I do believe that I gained so much from our time spent together.

I loved the way you allowed me to come to the realisation of how I comfortably could find a way forward - sometimes it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but with your gentle eyes, knowing smile and empathy I was able to own it. I wish you well in your coaching endeavours Lisa, and I know that you’re going to touch many, help heal wounded hearts and facilitate and guide many people to finding a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.

 I would in a heart beat, recommend you. I so value you and how you have touched my life

 With love and light


Jeni, 2021



Sara, WA

I’ve been going through this journey with the flower’s essence with Lisa since January, it’s been 3 months already, and although I was a bit sceptical at the beginning because of my lack of knowledge about the flower essence, it proved to be a very welcoming experience in my life, and it came at the right time.

The essences were only a support for what I was intending to achieve, but the meetings with Lisa, prior the beginning of a new essence were fundamental to set up my goals and have a clear idea of what I needed to work towards. Lisa has this amazing gift of listening and that helps her put together and prepare the flowers that would suit us better.

The meetings with Lisa really help to guide me, and the flower essence was the extra support to make it happen. I feel calmer and kinder to myself since. Before I was trying to have this routine in my life to give me structure and keep me going but I realise that I don’t need that, I have an idea of the things I’d like to achieve in a day but if I don’t, it’s okay, it’s because I chose not to. I feel this journey made me grow, made me feel more present and grounded and take more responsibility for my choices and what happens in my life.

This has really come in the right time and I’m forever thankful to Lisa for her time, for listening to me and truly wanting to help me. Thank you, Lisa.

Sara, 2021



Karen, WA

I first met Lisa at work a few years ago now.  As an older, now-single woman I had begun to wonder about the ‘meaning of life’ and what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Lisa invited me to one of her workshops where I ‘felt the love’.  The workshops, particularly meditation allowed me to forget the ‘busyness’ I had created in my life.  I learnt about ‘energy hygiene’ and still align, breath and cleanse (ABC) each night.  Recently Lisa invited me to trial flower essence.  I found I had more energy and felt a lot more positive about the direction my life was taking.  I was even so bold as to go into my bank and ask about the possibility of getting a home loan, at my age.  To my surprise they said yes!  Unable to find the right small house for me I asked my landlords if they would be willing to sell.  Again, a huge surprise when they said yes.  I am now happily in my own home, tending to my beautiful garden, taking time to attend craft classes, and working on work/life balance.  I put this down to Lisa and the flower essence. Lisa is professional, and gentle in her approach to guiding you to think about what is happening in your life and empowering you to make change for the better. 

Karen, 2021



Aubrey, WA

I have had three coaching sessions with Lisa Danza and have greatly benefited from these sessions.

As a result of Lisa’s emotional intelligence, where she was able unpack the issues, I was struggling to deal with and by using her active listening and open ended & closed question techniques, she was able to understand and present logical and reasonable views on these issues.  As a result, I was able to gain clarity of the way my brain thinks and hence the way I react when challenged by everyday situations.

Lisa has taught me how to logically assess the situations I am confronted with and by applying the emotional Intelligence techniques that I learnt from her, I have found that I have the tools to resolve my issues.

I gained valuable life skill tools from Lisa’s coaching and I have no problems in recommending Lisa as a life skill coach.

Aubrey, 2021